Shingo H

Hi, I am Shingo H

I was born and raised in Tokyo until I moved to Auckland in my early 20s and now I have a lovely wife with two children, enjoying life here in New Zealand in my 40s.

The property I am currently living in and listing storage space on Sharewel is a rental property but contracted until June 2022.

My family and I have no history of being cared for by the police, such as criminal history, drug use history, etc. There are no financial problems such as debt, bankruptcy, or credit card default.

Am I really honest and reliable?
I am not sure how to gain your trust but maybe this 4 minute CNN video may give you some additional cultural background information of the place where I'm from.

Please contact me before sending a booking request. Just as you want to find out if I am someone you can trust, I want to make sure that you are not trying to bring any prohibited goods onto my home.

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